On this page we have attempted to collect all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find the reply to your specific question, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, which you can find at the bottom of the page.



How large are the items you can cut?

On cotter.dk you can order three standard sizes: A4, A2 and A1, and full sheets for certain materials (for wood typically 1220x2440mm), but we can cut items up to 2200x3200mm. However, please be aware that not all materials are available in all sizes. If you have larger items that need cutting or if you have any special requirements, please send us an email. You will find the relevant contact details at the bottom of the page.

Can you cut my own materials?

It is possible in certain circumstances. If it is material we have in stock, we will always use this, but we always love the chance to experiment, so if you need something special or you have obtained your own unique material, please send us an email, and we will work out a solution.

How much of the material is removed by the laser cutter?

The laser beam that we use to cut your items has a cutting diameter if 0.1- 0.4mm. In other words, the laser leaves a track where it cuts of 0.1- 0.4mm. If you draw a square of 50mm x 50mm, it will be about 49.75mm x 49.75mm when it has been cut from material with a thickness of 3mm. The amount that is removed depends on the material and thickness. As the laser beam is also focused at a point in the material, the edges will have an angle of 3-4 degrees. This means that more material will be removed at the top of the material than at the bottom. This results in slightly slanting edges. This is almost invisible with thin materials, but can just be seen by the naked eye with materials over 6mm. You should always remember to take this into account and make a prototype before placing a large order.


I have a picture from the internet, can you cut it? And what about drawings done by hand?

Unfortunately, we cannot receive just any kind of file. Your file has to contain a vector-based drawing, so pictures and text documents cannot be used. If you don’t have any drawing program, we suggest the program Inkscape, which can be downloaded free here https://inkscape.org/. The website also contains some good advice and tips on how to get started.

If you don’t feel that drawing on a computer is one of your key talents, we offer a payable service to finish the artwork of your drawing. The minimum charge is DKK 350 incl. VAT. You will find the relevant contact details at the bottom of the page.

Can you draw my file?

We offer a service to finish the artwork of your drawing or help with your design for a fee. The minimum charge is DKK 350 incl. VAT. Send us an email and we will work out the best solution.

What is a vector file?

Vector graphics are shapes composed of lines and curves. It is widely used in computers, on a variety of tasks from texts and drawings to layout, as it is very easy to edit, scalable and the result does not take up much space. Our laser follows the lines in the vectors, which is why the files have to be in a vector format.The files are usually drawn in Adobe Illustrator or the free program Inkscape..

What is the minimum distance between objects in the file?

Remember that the laser removes material when it cuts. The cutting line measures about 0.25mm. In other words, this means that if you place your objects too close to each other, you risk burning the material between them away. A good rule of thumb is not to put objects closer to each other than the distance equal to the thickness of the material being used, e.g.1mm distance when using 1mm cardboard. However, we recommend a minimum distance of 5mm for all plastic items, as the sheets have a tendency to warp.

How can I indicate what parts need cutting or engraving?

You just make the lines in two different colours so you can choose what is to be used for cutting and engraving when you upload your file. If you have any doubts about anything, just refer to our guide for Illustrator or Inkscape.


How much does it cost?

When you place an order with us, you pay for the time it takes to produce your order. The production time depends on how many metres you need cutting and in which materials. When you upload your file and select the material, you are immediately given an exact price, divided into costs for production time and material.

How much does it cost to get help?

If you need help drawing your idea, try our Design Service. It does not cost anything to contact the Design Service, but if you order any drawing work, it will cost DKK 585 per hour excl. VAT. You will always be given an estimate of how long it will take before we start working for you.


When do I get my product?

If you upload and order via cotter.dk, your order will usually ready be for customer pickup or delivery within 3 working days. However, special orders may take longer.

Can you handle urgent jobs?

When you upload your file and place your order, you can select the express delivery option for an additional charge. If you order before 12.00pm, you can choose same-day delivery. For this service, we add a supplementary charge of 50% of the price. If you need your order the next day, we add a supplementary charge of 30% of the price. Your order will then be ready for customer pickup or delivery within 24 hours of ordering. Special orders or large orders usually take a little longer, but we have been known to send things out the door in less than hour, so please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us with any questions.


Who is behind cotter.dk?

Cotter.dk is owned and run by Copenhagen Fabrication ApS. A business that was established with the aim of making the path from idea to product as short as possible for designers, architects, engineers or creative people who want to see their designs brought to life.

Copenhagen Fabrication Aps was founded in 2011 by Jarl and Jacob, respectively architect and engineer.