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Birch plywood interior

Birch plywood interior 3mm and 6mm is back in stock.

Birch plywood in grade S/B or S/S, which means a high quality of plywood, with at least one side free of any knots and imperfections. Interior glue is applied between the veneer layers.


Technical description: Birch plywood
Weight: 0,7 g/cm3
Tolerance, thickness: +/- 10%

In stock with possibility for same-day delivery.

Thickness A4 A2 A1
3 mm € 6 € 13 € 23
4 mm € 15 € 25 € 35
6 mm € 6 € 20 € 36
9 mm € 20 € 35 € 50

All sizes are in cm. All prices are inclusive of 25% VAT

Delivery from 1-5 days.

Thickness 152×152
3 mm € 84
4 mm € 95
6 mm € 130
9 mm € 160
15 mm € 240

All sizes are in cm. All prices are inclusive of 25% VAT.

Useful to know

The material is constructed from multiple layers of birch veneer and has a strong, almost flawless surface. This type is glued with internal glue between the veneer layers, meaning that the edges are not as sooty after laser cutting, as with birch plywood with external glue.

Vector and raster engraving

Birch plywood can be both vector and raster engraved. The material gains a darker tone in the engraved areas. The deeper the engraving, the darker the colour.

Thick line and raster engraving may cause some discoloration around the engraved area, particularly with raster engraving. However, this can easily be removed by light sanding.

Avoiding burn marks

A protective film on top and /or bottom can be added when ordering to avoid the worst soot and burn marks from the laser. However, applying a film is not possible when raster engraving.

Direction of grain

If you have any specific preferences for the grain direction on the wood and your design, please let us know by making an arrow in your file that indicates to us which way we should turn the sheet. You can also inform us in the comments box when placing your order about any such preferences you may have.
Only possible with A format.

Laser cutting

Top –  A slight darkening of the wood will appear along the score lines. This can be removed by applying film before cutting. This option can be added when you place your order. Remember to remove the film when you receive your cutting.

Edges– The edges look brownish and can rub off. This can be removed by lightly sanding. The thicker the material, the darker the edges.

Bottom – There will be some discoloration on the bottom after the cutting process. Usually it is a honeycomb pattern, depending on the material on which it has been cut. You can opt to add a protective film to your order, which will remove most of this. Remember to remove the film when you receive your cutting.

Finishing treatments

Birch plywood can be painted, oiled or varnished to protect the surface.