Copper is a reddish metal that can easily be processed.


Technical description: Copper
Weight: 9 g/cm3
Tolerance: +/- 5%

Production from 5-8 days.

Thickness 100×100
1 mm € 379

All sizes are in cm. All prices are inclusive of 25% VAT.

There are no A sizes in this material.

Useful to know

Suitable for furniture, architecture, interior design, signage, etc. Can be used for outside purposes without treatment.

Our copper is blank on the top side and is delivered without protective film. Therefore, small markings can appear on the surface after the laser cutting.

Laser engraving

Unfortunately, it is not possible to laser engrave copper.

Laser cutting

Top side – No burn marks, but small soot markings can appear from the laser cutting. These can easily be wiped off.

Edges – Appears sharp and in the same colour as the material.

Bottom side – Small scratches can appear from the foundation from which the plate is laser cut. Soot markings can appear. These can easily be wiped off.

Finishing treatments

Copper is relatively soft and can easily be bent by hand. It is possible to polish copper to get a completely blank surface after the laser cutting.