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Corrugated cardboard, white/brown

Corrugated cardboard in 2 layers with a brown top and white bottom.


Technical description: Corrugated cardboard
Weight: 0,5 g/cm3
Tolerance, thickness: +/- 15%

Thickness 244×124
7 mm € 13
There are no A-sizes in this material.

Useful to know

Corrugated cardboard can be painted, and it is also easy to bend and cut.Corrugated cardboard is suitable for packaging prototypes, templates and inexpensive decorations.

When ordering white/brown corrugated cardboard, you can choose to have the white side at the bottom.

Vector and raster engraving

This type of cardboard can be vector engraved. The material turns a brownish colour in the engraved areas the thicker the engraving, the darker the colour. The engraving will look the same on both the white and brown sides.

Laser cutting

Top –  The wood will appear slightly darker along the score line.

Edges – The edges have a sharp appearance after cutting. They do not look black, but some colour can rub off when touched. This can be removed with a dry cloth.

Bottom – The bottom looks relatively clean, but may have some marks from the layer it was cut on and the smoke from the cutting process.

Finishing treatments

Corrugated cardboard can be painted, and it is also easy to bend and cut.