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Cotter is an online laser cutting service.

This means that you can easily and quickly calculate your own production price and order laser cutting directly on All you need is a vector file.
You need to save it in a PDF or AI format. We recommend you either use Adobe Illustrator or the free program Inkscape.
It is a good idea to prepare your file before uploading it to get the cheapest and best result. We have created a detailed guide on how to prepare your file here for Illustrator and here for Inkscape.

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We calculate your exact costs, every single time!

Based on your file, our system calculates exactly how long it will take to cut your design. Together with the material costs and any other added options, such as double-sided tape for hanging, our system calculates an exact price for you, without any waiting, directly in your browser, before you order.

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We produce your order within 3 working days, unless you’re in a hurry

When you upload your file and place your order, you have the possibility of selecting three different production times:

Fast lane
Order Monday 10.00 am – produced Tuesday before 5.00 pm.

Order Monday 2.00 pm – produced Wednesday before 5.00 pm.

Order Friday 2.00 pm – produced before Tuesday 5.00 pm.

Order Monday – produced before Thursday 5.00 pm.

Order Thursday – produced before Tuesday 5.00 pm.

Order Monday 10.00 am – produced same day before 5.00 pm.

Order Monday 2.00 pm – produced Tuesday before 12.00 pm.

Order Friday 2.00 pm – produced before 12.00 pm.

NB Not all orders can be produced with “Fast lane” or “Express” delivery. As a rule, all materials made in sizes A4, A2 and A1 can be ordered as standard, express and fast lane-delivery. Delivery times for sizes larger than these can be found under the relevant material section.

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We can cut many materials, but not metal

At Cotter, we stock many exciting materials ranging from acrylic to corrugated cardboard. We keep the actual materials in stock, so all you need to do is send us your files. You can see our materials here.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cutting in metals yet.

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We deliver flat packed and almost always include any material remnants with your delivery.

When you order with Cotter, the entire sheet is at your disposal. In other words, the price of the material is the same whether you order one object or if you fill the sheet with your designs. The system will always try to find the smallest possible sheet that your design fits.

With orders of A4, A2 or A1, we will tape your items securely into the sheet and package everything for you. Your entire drawn design remains in place and you decide what you want to use.

With orders above A1, we only pack and send your items and throw the remnants away. Remember this if you might need the surrounding material. Please let us know of any requirements in the comments box when placing your order.