How to upload


When you have a design that you would like a price estimate on or if are ready to order, you should upload it here to the upload function. The file you upload should contain vector graphics and be in a PDF format. (Read more about how to set up your file in our tutorials for Inkscape and Illustrator).


You will be guided through 4 steps in our upload system. This will guide you through the procedure in detail.

Step 1 – UPLOAD

You upload your file(s) to the system. Remember if you set up a user account first, you can always find your previous uploads and orders again.

Click on the green plus and select your file(s). If you have several artboards in the same file, the system will also recognise this and put each one up on a separate board so you can decide what you want to do with each one.





When your files have been uploaded, the system will analyse the content. This process can take some time. Don’t worry if you don’t wish to wait – you can safely leave the website. When you return to the site, you will be able to find the files under “Previous projects.”

tidligere projekter





You are given the possibility to choose between our materials and what you would like us to do with your lines (cutting, vector engraving and/or raster engraving.) This is also where you can choose if you’d like to add a protective film to your design in order to avoid the worst soot residue and burn marks.

Once you have defined how you would like your design to be processed, the final price will be displayed. The price varies from material to material and depends on how the lines are processed, as well as the thickness of the material. It is therefore difficult to estimate a price before you have uploaded the design to the system.


Start off by setting the lines The system reads the colours you have made the lines with in your file. Define what you would like done with them. You are also given several options for selecting the grade of vector and raster engraving: light, medium or heavy.





Select the material.





Select the thickness of the material.






The price will now be displayed at the top of the page. You can see the price for the actual work and the material cost separately. You can see these changing when you select the material and thickness. The total price will also be displayed here.





Protective film can be added under ‘workzone’. You can choose to add the film to both the top and bottom of the sheet. You can also choose to add a double-sided adhesive tape to the bottom of the sheet, enabling you to mount your design on a wall without the use of any nails and screws.






If you are only interested in getting a price estimate for your design, steps 1 and 2 are sufficient for you.

If you would like to proceed with your order, you should go on to steps 3 and 4. We recommend you set up a user account to do so. This will ensure your design is saved for future orders.



This allows you to select the desired production time.

Our standard production time is 3 working days.

If your order is urgent, you can opt for same-day production if you upload your design before 12.00pm. There is a supplementary charge of 50% of the price.

If you would like your order to be ready the next day, there is a supplementary charge of 30% of the price.






This is where you can choose your preferred form of delivery. You can also choose to pick it up yourself. Select your preference. Please note that for deliveries by couriers or shipping companies, the postcode must be entered to ensure the price is calculated correctly.






We use your contact information to tell you how far we have proceeded with your order. When your order is finished, we will send you a mail so you know exactly when you can collect it or when you will receive it by the agreed form of delivery.





Please enter your invoice and delivery information here.


fakturering + leveringsadr




If you have any comments regarding your order or there is something you would to clarify, please feel free to leave a comment for us in the comment box.






Select whether you would like to pay by invoice or payment card. It is only possible to pay by invoice if you have a valid cvr number (business registration number).




Finally, all you need to do is click to order!


Go directly to upload here.